V. Tirupathi

Sanitation Changemaker

Prioritizing Worker Safety

Tirupathi's journey in the sanitation sector is a testament to how intentional leadership which prioritizes the wellbeing of communities can directly build a safer environment for citizens. In the heart of Tiruchirappalli, the fourth largest corporation in Tamil Nadu, Tirupathi stepped up and played the pivotal role of being a changemaker in the city. Under his leadership, Trichy saw an aspirational growth in the field of urban sanitation.

During his stint as the Sanitation Inspector, Tiruchirappalli City Corporation, he had only one priority and that was the wellbeing of the citizens of this city. For that, he stood prepared to undertake any necessary measures, be it advancing infrastructure or safeguarding the most vulnerable sanitation workers, all in the pursuit of securing the welfare of Trichy's citizens and ensuring inclusive access to sanitation services throughout the city. When COVID-19 struck, Tirupathi's intentions were challenged even more but he ensured that he persevered through these tough times and shone even brighter. Under his guidance, the Tiruchirappalli City Corporation took swift and decisive action. On one hand they ensured that all essential public spaces were sanitized regularly including streets, bus station, complexes etc. On the other hand, they also ensured that all sanitation professionals who were responsible for these cleaning services were undergoing mandatory health screenings daily, ensuring their safety. He also ensured that sanitation workers had access to PPE kits that would keep them safe and he organized training sessions for them to be aware of COVID-19 precautions.

During a period when individuals were preoccupied with their personal health concerns, Tirupathi remained resolute in ensuring the well-being of the city's service providers. Recognizing the vital role they played, he personally engaged with all sanitation workers to convey strong administrative support, emphasizing that their safety was of the utmost importance to the city's overall functioning. He ensured that all departments in the city came together to combat the pandemic, from the public health department to the police department and so on.

As Tirupathi reflects on the journey, he emphasizes the potential for more private stakeholder support and volunteer involvement during the pandemic. Looking ahead, the Tiruchirappalli City Corporation aspires to incorporate innovative technologies for waste collection and safe disposal, marking another milestone in their mission for a cleaner and safer environment.

Tirupathi's story underscores the transformative power of leadership in the sanitation sector, and his unwavering commitment to community well-being continues to drive the city towards even greater accomplishments.