Snehal Bhosle

Sanitation Changemaker

A Young Student’s Journey managing an FSTP

At the age of twenty-two, Snehal, a driven and career-focused individual, holds the role of Site-Incharge at the Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) managed by Tide Technocrats in Wai, Maharashtra. From the plant's inception, she has effectively overseen its operations and takes immense pride in her venture within the sanitation sector. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering, Snehal resides in Rautwadi, situated 26 km away from Wai. Her inclination toward technology and engineering and desire for a hands-on field experience prompted her to apply for the position of Site in-charge for an FSTP.

Initially, she faced challenges such as difficulty in understanding the nature of the work, handling male workers and travelling to the FSTP since it was at a considerable distance from her residence. But with time and tremendous support from family, she was able to overcome all these challenges. With her hard work, she gained respect amidst the staff and has since been successfully managing the FSTP. The initial 3 months of COVID-19 were particularly challenging for Snehal; workers were apprehensive about coming to the site. But with support from the TIDE team, assured the workers of safety. The FSTP has been successfully operational, even during the pandemic.

Besides operating the plant, Snehal has also been raising awareness about Faecal Sludge and Septage Management and its importance within her community. Her family is very proud of her achievements and has been incredibly supportive and helpful in managing her work with her studies.

"If I can do it, any girl can. Working sincerely is the key to earn respect and to get everyone to listen to you. Girls and women should be encouraged to pursue their careers. The practical experience gained will be beneficial in the long run. Receiving the award for best employee of the month was an achievement for me."