S. Amuthavalli

Sanitation Changemaker

Tenacious in the Pandemic

S. Amuthavalli, the City Engineer at Trichy City Corporation (TCC), embarked on an inspirational journey within the sanitation sector, where her dedication and expertise became a beacon of hope during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amuthavalli's background was grounded in engineering, but her heart was committed to ensuring safe and efficient sanitation for her city. Her inspiration came from the understanding that sanitation is not just a service but a fundamental necessity, especially during a global health crisis.

As the pandemic struck, the TCC faced a daunting task of maintaining the sanitation workforce. Recognizing the vulnerability of her staff, Amuthavalli's motivation was unwavering. The TCC, under Amuthavalli's leadership, sprang into action to protect and support the sanitation workforce. When migrant workers faced the shock of the pandemic, the TCC ensured they experienced minimal disruption. Adequate food and supplies were provided until arrangements were made for their safe return to their hometowns, showcasing her compassionate and practical approach.

During the pandemic, Amuthavalli's leadership was instrumental in ensuring safe sanitation. The TCC swiftly identified containment zones, where barricades were erected. Essential provisions such as rations, drinking water, and medical facilities were promptly delivered. Amuthavalli's team exhibited tremendous dedication, often working night shifts to avert panic.

Her focus on innovation and hygiene led to the installation of leg-operated hand washing stations in public spaces and prominent city locations, contributing to the efforts to reduce COVID-19 transmission. Her teams ensured that those returning from abroad received individual attention and that their families were engaged to promote safety measures.

Amuthavalli's leadership extended beyond the immediate crisis. Drawing from the lessons of a COVID-19 hotspot in Chennai's Koyambedu marketplace, she proactively prevented a similar outbreak in Trichy. By relocating vendors to different, less congested locations, she helped curb the virus's spread.

Amuthavalli's journey in the sanitation sector is a testament to the indomitable spirit and impact of inspirational leadership. Her dedication to protecting the sanitation workforce and her innovative measures in the face of adversity exemplify the way forward for cities confronting unprecedented challenges. Her remarkable journey inspires change and serves as a model for others in the sanitation sector.