Lalmani Yadav

Sanitation Changemaker

A Community Vision for a Pollution-Free Ganga

Serving as the Sanitation and Flood Inspector for Nagar Palika Parishad, Chunar, Uttar Pradesh, Lalmani has emerged as a pivotal figure in promoting citizen awareness in the Urban Local Body. Prior to entering public service, Lalmani had a very diverse educational background including a BSc, MA, and B. Ed. He initially pursued a career in education. It was his deep passion for working with children that drove him to seek a broader avenue to make a positive impact; his instincts ultimately guided him to the world of public service. He soon found himself working amidst the public, interacting with people from all walks of life. Working directly with communities to help solve their issues gave him a tremendous sense of self-satisfaction.

In 2019, Lalmani was posted in Chunar Nagar Palika. Upon arriving in Chunar, he felt taken aback by the state of the sewer lines. He learned that the city's sewer system directly disposed of waste, which led to alarming pollution in the nearby Ganga River. Determined to address this pressing issue, Lalmani collaborated with the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) team to set up a Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) in Chunar. Before the FSTP was established, Chunar's residents did not recognize its functions and benefits, social stigmas made them skeptical, and they protested the establishment of the FSTP. Recognizing the need to bring the community together on this issue, Lalmani and his team organized a communal event, where everyone gathered to enjoy the local delicacy Baati-Chokha, to foster open dialogue and discussion and a sense of unity.

With a goal to instill citizen awareness, Lalmani and his team devised a plan. They instructed the drivers and operators involved in desludging septic tanks to educate every tenth household they serviced about the necessity of regular desludging.

Lalmani's dedication to cleanliness and preventing pollution extended beyond Chunar, as he was deeply concerned about keeping Ganga pollution-free and ensuring no untreated septage was flowing into river water. Lalmani and his team worked diligently to ensure scheduled desludging was implemented according to the proper procedure. Their aim was to make Chunar 100% Swachh, leaving no stone unturned in their mission for a clean and healthy environment.

Lalmani Yadav's dedication to his community and his unwavering commitment to citizen awareness and cleanliness made him a respected figure in Chunar. His journey exemplified the positive impact an individual can have when they are driven by a sense of purpose and work tirelessly towards a common goal.