Bandi Manemma

Sanitation Changemaker

Bandi’s Leap of Faith to become a Sanitation Businesswoman

Bandi Manemma is a Septic Truck Operator who had always aspired to be an independent woman capable of meeting her own needs as well as those of her family. She tried establishing various ventures but none of them proved successful.

When the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) approached Bandi with an offer to engage in septic tank work, she was hesitant at first. Initially, she had reservations because she doubted her ability to invest in the business without sufficient funds. However, she overcame her hesitation since she had witnessed several people in sanitation business earning a decent profit. GWMC intervened and provided crucial support by facilitating a seven-year loan, enabling Bandi Manemma to purchase her own septic tank truck. Furthermore, equipped with training provided by GWMC on the proper utilization of personal protective equipment, she soon earned a license to operate the truck within the city limits. Since then, Bandi has cleaned over 36 septic tanks, leading to a notable improvement in her financial situation. Loan opportunities help individuals such as Bandi in becoming micro-entrepreneurs contributing to overall financial well-being and the opportunity to lead a dignified livelihood.

She aspires to see her children receive a quality education and progress in life, when she observes their dedication to their studies and ambitious dreams, it fills her with profound happiness and pride.